WESPWet Electrostatic Precipitator
WESPWorld Economic Situation and Prospects (UN)
WESPWomen in Engineering and Science Program (Kansas State University)
WESPWest of England Strategic Partnership (UK)
WESPWater en Strand Profiler (Dutch coastal research vehicle)
WESPWeer Een Spelletjes Pagina (Dutch games web directory)
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The UN says more detailed regional forecasts from the WESP will be released in January 2014.
The WESP has been tested and proven for the following applications: corrosion rate sensor, conductivity sensor, coating heal monitor (CHM), and water corrosivity monitoring (WCM).
WESP has been in existence for around two years, producing a strategic direction statement and a tactical action plan, which will need to be revised to accommodate WESP's response to the numerous initiatives recently emerging from central government.
One such improvement was the hexagonal shape of the WESP tubes, superceding the rounded tubes of earlier WESPs.
According to WESP, global inflation as a whole will remain tame, but the employment situation will continue to be challenging.
The WESP study also reiterates that international policy co-operation should ensure sufficient resources to the least developed countries.
Kronospan will also invest into a new bio-mass boiler and WESP filter at the site.
The entire system includes gasifier reactor with ash discharge, gas clean up system including, cyclone filters, heat exchangers WESP, gas suction blower, pipe work, syngas flare stack, instruments with control system and steel frame structure.