WESSWestern European Specialists Section (Association of College and Research Libraries)
WESSWorkshop on Empirical Studies of Software Maintenance
WESSWideband Enterprise Satellite Systems (US Army)
WESSWater, Environment and Sanitation Society (Pakistan)
WESSWeapons Effect Signature Simulator
WESSWWMCCS Environmental Support System
WESSWeapons Engagement Scoring System
WESSWeapons Engagement Simulator System
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Since its inception, WESS has overseen all aspects of the financial affairs for the Simon family and its heirs through a full suite of family office services.
Maintainers need to focus more on JDRS, and the unit safety officer will focus more on WESS.
The WESS warns, however, that in some cases these global funds have bypassed broader national health priorities in developing countries and contributed to the fragmentation of international support to health systems in low-income countries.
If you do not have unclassified DoD PKI certificate capability for WESS reporting, the mishap can be reported via naval message (preferred), or submitted using message format in OPNAVINST 5102.
Some reports submitted to JDRS also would require a report into WESS.
Any reports received via naval message or other means will be entered into WESS 2 at the Naval Safety Center to ensure the data are available for retrieval from WESS 2.
This can be accomplished using WESS, other electronic means, or hard-copy.
Aviation HAZREP reporting via WESS online April 2005
Javid Iqbal; Afghan Consul General Waheedullah Momand; Secretory Education Balochistan, Saboor Kakar; and Chief Executive WESS, Pervez Iqbal and a huge number of students.
Our Aviation Safety Directorate is working on the final review and eventual implementation of an updated Operational Risk Management instruction, continuing the extremely important and timely aircrew fatigue studies, aggressively tracking WESS reported hazreps, developing the WESS Aviation module for mishap reporting, and keeping our finger on the pulse of all matters aeronautical.