WESSAWindows Embedded Strategic Silicon Alliance
WESSAWildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
WESSAWindows Embedded Strategic Silicon Alliance (Microsoft and chipmakers' partnership)
WESSAWisconsin English Springer Spaniel Association (est. 1946)
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Rewriting WESSA identity, in Under Construction: Race and Identity in South Africa Today, edited by N Distiller & M Steyn.
Wessa, "Multiple Regression (v1.0.26) in Free Statistics Software (v1.1.23-r7)," Office for Research Development and Education, http://www.wessa.net/rwasp_mutipleregression.wasp/.
Governor Tooryalai Wessa, who visited Panjwai town to discuss with local officials good governance and development projects, said he would never accept the closure of schools in Panjwai under any circumstances.
These studies have reported deficits in either extinction learning (Orr et al., 2000; Peri et al., 2000) or extinction retention (Milad et al., 2008), and It has therefore proposed that the difficulty in the extinction of conditioned fear response could play an important role in the etiology of PTSD (Morgan et al., 1993; Rothbaum y Davis, 2003; Milad et al., 2006; Rauch et al., 2006; Wessa and Flor, 2007).
These two versions of the EQ have each been validated in studies with Japanese and French university students, with healthy adults, with individuals with Asperger's syndrome or high-functioning autism, and with individuals who have depersonalization disorder (Baron-Cohen & Wheelwright, 2004; Berthoz, Wessa, Kedia, Wicker, & Grezes, 2008; Wakabayashi et al., 2006).
Earlier, Governor of Kandahar province, Toryalay Wessa, visited the building where Ahmad Wali Karzai, head of Kandahars provincial council and brother of President Hamid Karzai, was shot dead by his guard.
Analises de correlacao de Pearson foram realizadas utilizando-se o software R (Wessa, 2008) entre os dados de produtividade de graos e quantidade de massa seca e de N fornecidas pelas plantas de cobertura do solo.
Table 2 Spearman's rank order correlation--profitability measurements with environmental cost Net Revenues Dividend per share ROE Correlation (not 0.96 0.96 0.86 corrected) Correlation (corrected) 0.96 0.96 0.86 t-test n>10 10.82 10.46 5.14 Degrees of freedom 9.00 9.00 9.00 Critical 2 sided t-value 2.26 2.26 2.26 Critical 1 sided t-value 1.83 1.83 1.83 D-square value 8.00 8.50 30.00 (calculated) D-square value (expected) 220.00 220.00 220.00 Standard Deviation 69.57 69.57 69.57 z-Test -3.05 -3.04 -2.73 Probability 0.00 0.00 0.01 Observations 11.00 11.00 11.00 Source: Wessa, P.