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WESTEWeapons Effectiveness and System Test Environment
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"The BVB player has been in Egypt to continue his rehab, for a few weeks also under the guidance of BVB physio Thorben Weste and fitness coach Florian Wangler."
Posteriormente Weste y Vithanage (1977; citado por Zentmyer, 1980) encontraron que en areas donde las pudriciones de raiz progresaron rapidamente las poblaciones de actinomicetos fueron significativamente mas bajas que en los suelos donde la enfermedad progreso mas lentamente.
-En 1 (18): byge (N)/bycgan (V), faest (Adj)/faestian (V)/faestan (V), fyllan 2 (V)/feallan (V), gieme (N)/gieman (V), haeft 2 (Adj)/haeft 1 (N)/haeftan (V), hefe (N)/habban 1 (V), ieldan (V)/ieldian (V), leasbred 2 (Adj)/leasbred 1 (N), lufu (N)/lufe (N)/lufian (V), lyge 2 (Adj)/lyge 1 (N)/leogan (V), myrge 1 (Adj)/myrgan (V), raed 1 (N)/raedan (V), scield 1 (N)/scield 2 (N)/scieldan (V), swefan (V)/swefian (V), swige 2 (Adj)/ swige 1 (N)/swigan (V), til 1 (Adj)/til 2 (N)/tilian 1 (V)/tilian 2 (V), wacan (V)/wacian (V), weste (Adj)/westan (V).
In a study utilizing a sample of gay men, the authors found alpha coefficients that ranged from .80 (Restrictive Affection) to .91 (Work Concern; Weste et al., 2005).
In some cases, direct translations into standard English and either French or German are not possible, but their nearest match was provided: the French list is fille, oreille, torchon, poche, navet, cheminee, boue, pantalon, gilet, enfants, aisselle, mouette, garcon, epingle, pomme de terre, bave, bouton, eglise, etreinte, yeux; and the German Madchen, Ohr, Tuch, Tasche, Rube, Kamin, Schlamm, Hose, Weste, Kinder, Achselhohle, Seemowe, Junge, Nadel, Kartoffel, Geifer, Pustel, Kirche, Umarmung, Augen.
But Heather Weste, retail manager for Family Outfitters, a Manchester-based thrift store whose profits support the organization Families in Transition, said sales are up at the organization's two Manchester locations.
lewisiae (Ames) Luer Specklewis Specklima villosa (Knowles & Weste.) Luer Speckvillosa Stelis cf.
An oddity appears in line 73, which is the word "gestlic," when he says that "a wise one must grasp how ghastly it will be, when all the wealth of this world stands waste" ("Ongietan sceal gleaw haele hu gestlic bid /ponne ealle pisse worulde wela weste stonded," ll.
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