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WETAWestern Tanager (bird species Piranga ludoviciana)
WETAWirelss Video System External Transceiver Assembly (US NASA)
WETAWaters Edge Townhome Association (Montclair, Virginia)
WETAWingnut Entertainment Technical Allusions
WETAWaikato Environment for Text Analysis
WETAWebsite of Excellence in Tourism Award
WETAWisconsin Employment and Training Association
WETAWashington Educational Television Authority
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It will also be airing programs that appear on WETA, such as The News Hour with Jim Leher, Washington Week in Review, and Frontline, among others.
Mahrer doesn't see a budget crunch for WETA TV, but acknowledged the need to come up with a more diverse funding basis.
Robin and I are delighted that our great friends at WETA will assume ownership of the PBS NewsHour," remarked Jim Lehrer.
WETA DIGITAL IS OBSERVING ITS 20TH ANNIVERSARY this year, but the celebration is low-key, because the team is too busy to rest on its laurels.
WETA WORKSHOP IS THE oldest of Peter Jackson's five companies, and the hardest to define.
The series is produced by WETA, the public television station in Washington, D.
The documentary's three hourlong segments air July 15-17 on PBS, a presentation of the network, National Geographic Television, Survival Anglia and WETA, Washington, D.