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WEUWestern European Union
WEUWesteuropäische Union (German: western European union)
WEUWest Europese Unie (Dutch: Western European Union; Brussels, Belgium)
WEUWomen and Equality Unit (Government Equalities Office; UK)
WEUWilderness Experiences Unlimited (Southwick, MA)
WEUWavelength Equalization Unit
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The purpose of present study was to look at the effects of inflation of a BP cuff placed on the right forearm of healthy, non-smoking, white European (WEU) and Pakistani (PAK) males to assess haemodynamic effects the protocol might have and to identify ethnic differences in responses.
Ron i wedi meistroli''r grefft o weu mewn cylch, ond ron i wedi cyrraedd y sawdl, a doedd gen i ddim syniad beth oedd 'psso''.
"From a budgetary point of view, maintaining the WEU became difficult to defend," said Belgian Foreign Minister Steven Vanackere in a communique.
* Regrettably, some states in the region have remained "invisible" to the EU and WEU, particularly Albania and Macedonia.
Third, the proposals were full of loose ends involving the Eurocorps' relationship with NATO, the WEU, and the European Community.
Members of the European Security and Defence Assembly want a successor body to be created that will continue in that function even when the WEU itself ceases to exist.
How Bosnia's peace is secured will have significant impact on the roles of NATO, WEU, EU, and OSCE, as well as U.S.-European relations and NATO's relations with Russia.
Wedi cael y rheini, dim ond un embaras terfynol oedd yna, "Faint o bwythau ydw i eu hangen?" "Dibynnu ar faint y sgarff," eglurodd y wraig, ond aeth i nl ffeil trwchus o batrymau, ac yn hwnnw y bm yn pori, yn rhyfeddu pethau mor gymhleth fedr sgarffiau fod, yn nwylo rhai sy'n gwybod go iawn sut i weu.
After his meeting with Walter, Sahin told reporters that they had discussed abolishment of WEU Assembly in June 2011 and the Assembly of European Security and Defense that would be established instead of the Assembly of WEU in the meeting.
"The WEU Assembly [ ] is neither politically equipped nor legally entitled to exercise parliamentary supervision over the CSDP." Walter says there is board agreement among member states and both assemblies that the WEU's end is nigh.
The implications of NATO enlargement from the perspectives of the WEU Associated Partners Poland, Romania, and Lithuania; and from the perspectives of Former Soviet Union (FSU) states Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.