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WEUWestern European Union
WEUWesteuropäische Union (German: western European union)
WEUWest Europese Unie (Dutch: Western European Union; Brussels, Belgium)
WEUWomen and Equality Unit (Government Equalities Office; UK)
WEUWilderness Experiences Unlimited (Southwick, MA)
WEUWavelength Equalization Unit
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Despite NATO's adoption of the Combined Joint Task Force in January 1994, and the creation of a European deputy SACEUR in 1996 to become NATO's WEU military liaison, the WEU did not respond when the Albanian crisis erupted over the pyramid scheme and resulting economic collapse.
The latter have said that "the relationship the Eurocorps will have to NATO and to the WEU or what the inter-relationship of these three elements will be is something that has still not been clarified.
There may be simpler solutions than working through the WEU and OSCE, but they may not help get us where we ultimately want to go.
Romania is a WEU Associated Partner, but sees NATO and the United States presence in Europe as indispensable for security.
In 1992, the WEU's Council of Ministers decided that WEU naval forces would go to the Adriatic to monitor the embargo decreed against the ex-Yugoslavia.
A common and informal working group comprising members of the WEU, the European Parliament and the national parliaments should be set up to explore the problem of the lack of enthusiasm among the public opinion for common defence initiatives.
In the WEU Assembly, he was president of the Liberal Group, President of the Defence Committee and Vice-President of the Assembly.
The absorption into the EU of the former WEU Satellite Centre and Security Studies Institute - agreed last July (see European Report 2610) - was seen as an essential step in giving effect to the EU Nice European Council Conclusions on moving the EU's defence policy ahead.
These organs, in essence taken over from the former WEU structures, are seen as an essential step in giving effect to the Nice Council conclusions on moving the EU's defence policy ahead.
The Institute will be located in Paris, using the former WEU infrastructure during a transitional phase.
MAPE was started by the WEU at the EU's request in 1997 and is jointly funded by the two organisations.