WEUSEWorkshop on End-User Software Engineering
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In order to study the electrochemical behavior of hydroquinone on the surface of modified electrodes, weuse thepoly-L-histidinemodified electrodes which were made in the above mentioned optimized condition.
Weuse instrumental variables approach based on the generalised method of moments (GMM) to check endogeneity.
Whether global warming means more frequent droughts in our latitudes or more extreme weather events that put strain our infrastructure - or both -we need to start thinking about the way weuse water in the waywenow do about energy.
"What do we "mashup" when we make mashups?" Proceedings of the 4th international workshop on End-user software engineering: WEUSE 08, Leipzig, Germany, May 12, pp.
(4.) Weuse 1997 data on capital intensity (K/L) because data on total capital stock are not available in 1999, which is not an Economic Census year.
Come to thinkof this - even to get an appointment with so andso, be it in hospitals or government offices, weuse connections, people we know.