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WEWWaarborgfonds Eigen Woningen (Dutch: Homeownership Guarantee Fund; Netherlands)
WEWWomen's Extreme Wrestling
WEWWomen Empowering Women
WEWWorld Entertainment Wrestling (Japan)
WEWWeek-End Warriors (Arizona gaming clan)
WEWWeather Effects Workstation
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WEW are striking 100,000 gold-plated coins, each worth $40.
In addition to the ads heard around the game broadcasts, Hyde Park sponsored three daily sports reports on KWK, two daily reports on KXOK, eight reports a day on WIL and a daily sports report on WEW.
By branding itself a "gifting" scheme, WEW has avoided anti-pyramid legislation.
Until the woodlands mature, WEW will remain dependent on external timber supplies, both from commercial and private woodlands.
In addition to Bosnian programming, WEW offers English [British], Hispanic, Puerto Rican, Croatian, Italian, German and Polish shows.
WEW is producing limited edition runs of gold, silver and platinum Obama coins, and plans to produce new ones in other finishes if demand emerges.
On March 23, 1922, the station was licensed by the government and given the call letters WEW, which Rueppel would later claim stood for "We Enlighten the World.
Amazingly Tracy and a group of other disgruntled WEW islanders have now set up their own high street pyramid store.
But Mr Snedker, who invested A3,800 when the name was changed from WEW to The Eternal Gifting Circle, said when he started asking why meetings were not taking place he was told to "f*** off".
Last night, in the Government's first public pronouncement on the issue, Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt warned against investing in the WEW scheme.
Louis broadcasting at one time or another; Charley Stanley, owner of WEW for 28 years; and Emil Wilde, announcer for various stations who began as a singer in 1939.
Having worked at the WEW for more than four years, Sotiriou completely redesigned the publication and created a new WEW logo as well as some advertisements.