WEYESWest End Youth Enquiry Service (UK)
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The ME Weye of Paradys, which survives incompletely only in BL Harley 1671, is a late fourteenth- or early fifteenth-century (the editor does not hazard a date) translation of the MF Vole de Paradis, itself an adaptation, as Professor Diekstra has discovered, of a Latin elaboration of the De Tribus Dietis of Robert de Sorbon (1201-74), known as the Tractatus de Tribus Dietis.
[Venenum aspidum sub labiis eorum (159) Bitter veneme is vnder the tonges that spekithe euyll seythe Dauid in the sawter.] And as seint Ieme seythe A cursed tonge is fired with fyre of hell and may not be chastisid while the fyre brennyth hit And also for tonges muste speke wordis of fyre that ys sharpe and sperkelyng to sey trouthe and notte spare in prechyng and techyng to repreue mys dedis for as holy men in olde tyme ouercome and droue a wey the fyre of lyghtenyng with holy wordes and good preyoures with the brennyng loue to god ryghte for the fyre of the holy gost shulde dryue a weye and ouercome the fyre of helle that enuy hath and euyll leuyng that regnyth now in the tonges of moche [sig.
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and Benidorm star Tim Healy and youngsters from the West End Youth Enquiry Service (WEYES) have been filmed showing off their cookery skills at the drop-in project in Westgate Road, Newcastle.
[Christ] kendelyth oure undirstondyng, he addith oure weyes, he esyth oure consciens, he comfortith oure soule, he lyghtith our hart and yevyth us, in party, knowing and louyng in his blessed godhed." (58) A birthing Christ ("mrthbryngyng") adopts the maternal responsibilities of teaching, guiding, easing, comforting, gladdening, and loving and, as in much of the text, the reader is positioned as the child who receives such parenting.
In a bid to keep the West End Youth Enquiry Services (WEYES) up and running _space build have delivered this essential building refurbishment on time and to budget after 26 weeks of work.
West End Youth Enquiry Service (WEYES) has been shortlisted for funding from The Jubilee People's Millions, an annual grants programme run by the Big Lottery Fund, in partnership with ITV.
Harry, 23, who has a degree in quantity surveying and construction management, and carried out work experience at international consultancy EC Harris, joined the team in February and has been working on the WEYES project with Paul and Simon.
Children North East is aiming to raise pounds 400,000 to redevelop its West End Youth Enquiry Service (WEYES) project, a one stop shop for local young people who are looking for support and guidance in the West End of the city.
"These will be given to those who benefit from the range of services offered by Children North East, including disadvantaged young people who use our WEYES project in the West End of Newcastle."
The charity is aiming to raise pounds 400,000 to redevelop its West End Youth Enquiry Service (WEYES) - a one-stop shop for young people looking for support and guidance in Newcastle's West End.
The West End Youth Enquiry Service (WEYES), Westgate Road, Newcastle, a project of the regional charity Children North East, underwent extensive refurbishment to transform it into a contemporary facility.