WFASWildland Fire Assessment System (Internet-based information system)
WFASWindows Firewall with Advanced Security (Microsoft Corp.)
WFASWoodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (New York)
WFASWells Fargo Audit Services Inc. (various locations)
WFASWeight Factor Alarm Switch
WFASWraparound Fidelity Assessment System
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Measurement of WFAs. Mesopic anterior corneal surface WFAs were measured before surgery and 6 months postoperatively with a Scheimpflug camera.
Considering the potential correlations between two eyes of a subject, a generalized estimating equation (GEE) model was used to the comparisons for the pre- and postoperative changes of WFAs. Assessing statistical differences between the subgroups, postoperative changes in two surgical groups were also was examined by GEE.
Among 93 AAPs developed by the WFAS, one-third were based on the nomenclature and locations of Nogier and 40.8% were based on the Chinese standard which integrated Oleson's zone nomenclature system and emphasized clinical practicability.
"People get caught up in the trend without thinking about the responsibility," says WFAS co-founder and director Jenny Brown.
The goats at WFAS range from kids that were separated from their mother at birth and scheduled for the auction block to a homeless goat found wandering around an urban park in Brooklyn, New York.
WFAS is a unit-level water generation system that extracts potable water from the atmospheric humidity.
WFAS counters that threat and enables forces to conduct continuous operations to generate their own water, prolong endurance, and extend operational reach.
WFAS received a CP to move their transmitter to the Norwood section of the Bronx.