WFCEWisconsin Family and Consumer Educators (K-12)
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WFCEs have utility in directly addressing the precipitating causes of species extinction and major releases of carbon-dioxide emissions.
(32) The overall impact of these WFCEs is to make natural and environmentally beneficial management more competitive economically with short-term, intensive forestry.
This poses a compelling argument to increase public support for the acquisition of WFCEs to mitigate global warming directly.
What are the limits and potential concerns with expanding these applications of WFCEs? One issue that arises involves private benefits.
This application of WFCEs could be broadened to create a template easement restoring and maintaining both habitats for the Northern Spotted Owl and long-term sustainable forestry that can be tailored to a variety of conditions.
Some parties have questioned the applicability of using WFCEs to underpin the use of forests to reduce carbon emissions.