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WFDDWorld Faiths Development Dialogue (UK)
WFDDWake Forest Demon Deacons (Wake Forest University athletics)
WFDDWorld Falun Dafa Day
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Marshall describes how the World Bank curtailed the WFDD due to opposition from executive directors who represent the 184 member countries.
(3.) The WFDD was asked by the World Bank to comment on an early version of its World Development Report 2000.
WHEREAS the WFDD staffers, being paid University employees, complied with that request, reportedly fearing loss of their jobs; and
11 WUNC UNC Chapel Hill N/T gains + 0.5; 1.7-1.9-2.2, breaks tie with Wake Forest N/T WFDD by 0.2.
12 WFDD News/Talk Wake Forest & N/T WUNC UNC Chapel Hill tie again + 0.2 at 1.9.
Swings: + 1.9 CHR WMKS, + 1.3 Rhythmic-CHR WJMH; -- 10.2 A/C WMAG, -- 0.4 N/T WFDD
Jazz WSNC .1 News/Talk/Sports: iHeart Talk WPTI 2.4-2.6-2.5, Wake Forest University N/T WFDD 1.9, UNC Chapel Hill N/T WUNC 1.6 and Curtis Talk WSJS .8.
Baker Family Southern Gospel WXRI & WTJY total .7, Entercom Gospel WEAL .1 and Winston-Salem State University Jazz WSNC .1 News/Talk/Sports: iHeart Talk WPTI 2.6-2.4-2.2, Wake Forest University N/T WFDD 2.1, UNC Chapel Hill N/T WUNC 1.5, Curtis Talk WSJS 1.0,Curtis Sports WCOG .1.
WFDD 2.1-2.1-2.3, UNC Chapel Hill WUNC 1.0-1.1-1.5, Curtis WSJS 1.0.
N/T competition is from Wake Forest WFDD 2.3 and U.
Talk-N/T action has CCU WPTI 2.3-2.1-2.5 followed by Non Comm Wake Forest WFDD 2.1 and the big Raleigh UNC signal .9.