WFGDWet Flue Gas Desulfurization
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Studies on elemental mercury reemission in lab- and pilot-scale WFGD systems were reported in recent years.
Continuous [Hg.sup.0] concentration detection at the outlet of the simulated WFGD reactor was started at this point by a LUMEX RA-915+ Hg analyzer until the steady state was achieved.
The impact of oxygen concentration in the flue gas on [Hg.sup.0] reemission from the simulated WFGD slurry is shown in Figure 2.
The experimental results indicated that the [Hg.sup.0] reemission rate from WFGD slurry increased as the operational temperatures and pH values increased.
The contract includes the supply of two WFGDs complete with absorber island, limestone preparation, and gypsum dewatering systems, with complete flue duct and structural steel components to integrate the systems into the power plants.
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