WFGSWest Florida Genealogical Society (est. 1982)
WFGSWells Fargo Guard Services
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The WFG [T.sub.A] [right arrow] [T.sub.B] is temporarily formed and reduced.
--The asymmetric running priority (RPA) method [Franaszek and Robinson 1985] aborts [T.sub.B] in the WFG [T.sub.A] [right arrow] [T.sub.B] [right arrow] [T.sub.C] when [T.sub.A] becomes blocked by [T.sub.B], which is already blocked by [T.sub.C].
Consider a lock request by [T.sub.A] that causes a lock conflict with [T.sub.B] resulting in a transient WFG [([T.sub.X], [T.sub.Y],..., [T.sub.Z]) [right arrow] [T.sub.A] [right arrow] [T.sub.B] [right arrow] [T.sub.C]].
EDSP (introduced in Section 2.4) is expected to be applicable to wait-depth-limited methods, since they maintain a subset of the WFG for the GW method, but this is not always so.
For example, txns in the system are prioritized based on whether they are runnable in the following categories: (1) standard locking; (2) RP, that is, txns not runnable by GW, but runnable with RP, for example, txn [T.sub.C] in the WFG [T.sub.C] [right arrow] TB [right arrow] [T.sub.A]; (3) the optimistic method, where all txns are runnable.
19781 WFG waits-for graph WW wound-wait [Rosenkrantz et al.