WFICWisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges
WFICWorld Financial Information Conference (FISD financial conference event)
WFICWharton Financial Institutions Center
WFICWorld Federation of Investors Corporation (shareholders associations group)
WFICWisconsin Fraternal Insurance Counsellors (trade association)
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The WFIC is configured with $12 million in advanced audio/visual technology to allow students, faculty and leaders from industry and government agencies to collaborate, generate big ideas, and solve complex problems.
Engaging corporate partners in the WFIC was an essential aspect of the center's strategy, and many of the building's furnishings and technology systems were gifted through sponsors with a vested interest in the success of the facility.
Through the WFIC, which opened in January 2016, Clemson has positioned itself as a leading institution that anticipates the needs of tomorrow's entrepreneurs, educators, employers, and students and equips them for success.
Although the WFIC survey contacted several employees per bank, it contacted only one employee per bank for each question in the survey (the Appendix provides the identity of the respondent for each survey question).
I use the following WFIC survey question to measure the amount of the branch manager's incentive compensation (details appear in the Appendix):
Factors that may lead to positive rating actions for WLA and WFIC include further profitable organic growth and the continuation of favorable trends in risk-adjusted capitalization.
It focuses on the relationships between business strategies and efficiency by correlating insurer efficiency DEA scores (cost and revenue) with the business practices of life insurers who participated in the 1995-1996 WFIC survey.
Chapter 6, "Strategy, Human Resources Management, and the Performance of Life Insurance Firms" by Clint Chadwick and Peter Cappelli, makes use of the broad-based industry WFIC survey data to investigate how HR practices can and do affect life insurance firm productivity and efficiency (in a DEA sense).
The ratings of WFIC recognize its strong risk-adjusted capitalization and continued solid underwriting performance.
The sole purpose of this merger was to relocate WFIC from New York to Pennsylvania in order to simplify and streamline business processes.
Delegates to WFIC benefit through the knowledge they garner and the relationships they build.
These discussions would include reviews of updated strategic plans and financial projections for WFL and WFIC and an understanding of their roles under the new ownership.