WFIMCWorld Federation of International Music Competitions (Geneva, Switzerland)
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WFIMC goal is to identify promising and talented young musicians.
The WFIMC has 17 official objectives: among them, "to generate and communicate a positive image and high profile for international music competitions"; "to strengthen communication among member competitions and between them and other organizations that promote the careers of young musicians"; and "to adopt and enforce standards for admission to and for membership in the federation that will ensure the quality of competitions." To be eligible for membership in the federation, a competition must demonstrate secure and stable funding, and must have already successfully presented at least two competitive events.
When founded in 1957, the WFIMC had a membership of 13 competitions; today there are 121, with more competitions applying for membership every year.
Indeed, as the WFIMC's membership continues to grow, international music competitions stand out as a beacon of hope and success in a world where orchestras and other classical music institutions are struggling just to survive.