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WFLCWildland Fire Leadership Council
WFLCWestern Forestry Leadership Coalition (Lakewood, CO)
WFLCWashington Forest Law Center
WFLCWork and Family Life Center
WFLCWisconsin Free Library Commission (est. 1895)
WFLCWaste Free Lunch Challenge (Ontario, Canada)
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In the current study, our primary objective was to evaluate the performance of individuals with tremor in operating a virtual wheelchair driving task using an IJ with WFLC filter, an IJ without a filter, and an MSJ.
We customized the WFLC filter by using data from the practice trials for each subject.
For each subject, we applied these parameters only to the IJ with WFLC. We also added a high-pass filter to the IJ with WFLC set at 2 Hz for both speed and direction axis.
Cookies with the WFLC were smaller, thicker, softer and lighter in color than cookies with the WMSLC.
This textural characteristic suggests that WFLC and WMSLC can offer new perspectives on fat reduction in a dry baked product platform.
Swings: + 0.9 Rhythmic-CHR WPOW, + 0.8 Tropical WXDJ; -- 0.9 Spanish Hits WAMR, -- 0.6 UrbanA/C WHQT, -- 0.6 CHR WFLC.
Swings: + 1.5 CHR WFLC, + 0.6 Urban WEDR; -- 1.3 Tropical WXDJ, -- 0.6 Urban WHQT.
Swings: + 0.7 CHR WHYI-F & Hot A/C WMIA-F, + 0.6 CHR WFLC; -- 0.7 Urban A/C WHQT,
11 WPOW Rhythmic-CHR CBS -0.4; 3.9-3-4-3.5, ties both Cox CHR WFLC & iHeart Spanish CHR WMGE.
DJ Laz will be joined by co-host Kimmy, who comes over from WFLC's sister station WEDR.
Hanson will report to WFLC's Director of Branding & Programming, Jill Strada, who says, "Dave's talent, drive and years of experience are invaluable as WFLC competes in the highly-competitive and fast-paced Miami market.
He began his extensive radio career in New York at WKTU, then moved to South Florida and worked at WPYM, WHDR, WFEZ and WFLC.