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WFLFWest Florida Literary Federation
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It is currently airing on multiple stations nationwide, including KKNT, KSKY, WFLF & WHMP.
KSL, Salt Lake City; KFTK, St Louis; KOGO, San Diego; WTVN, Columbus, Ohio; WITH, Baltimore; WFLF, Orlando, Fla.
8-9, clearing more than 30 stations, some of which include the nation's leading news-talk stations: KNEW, San Francisco; KTRH, Houston; KSL, Salt Lake City; KFTK, St Louis; WINZ, Miami; KOGO, San Diego; KFBK, Sacramento; WTVN, Columbus; WFLF, Orlando; WRVA, Richmond; WDTK, Detroit; KPAM, Portland; and WITH, Baltimore.