WFNSWriters' Federation of Nova Scotia (est. 1975; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
WFNSWorld Federation of Neurosurgeons Scale (neurological evaluation)
WFNSWorld Federation of Neurological Societies
WFNSWorld Foundation for Natural Science (Washington, DC)
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) get elected as WFNS president, allowing one of our outstanding physicians to contribute to the international medical system.
One hundred and forty-eight (74%) patients had a WFNS XIII and 146 (73%) had a Fisher score of 4.
Both EBIC and WFNS developed classifications of traumatic brain injury, as well as recommendations for management (Table 6 and 7).
In Group II and III patients, where the level of consciousness is not depressed (WFNS Grade 1 - 2), management may proceed in a standard manner with angiography and elective surgery with coiling/clipping.
Clinical examination at admission (WFNS grade as well as Hunt and Hess grade) was not correlated with outcome measures (GOS) at discharge.
Surgical treatment of aneurysm is a challenging procedure especially in older patients, and in patients with poor WFNS grade, as well as in the early surgery.
commenced its philanthropic activities for 2009 by supporting a Neurosurgery conference organized by The World International Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) in collaboration with various international committees specialized in medical education: World International Initiative for Education (WIIC), Jordanian Society Skull Base Surgery and Ibn Al Haytham Hospital,
My busy schedule included a visit to Pier 21 and a wonderful dinner with Kathleen Martin and Jane Buss, Executive Director of the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS), and the workshop at the WFNS on Thursday evening.
On admission to the unit, he had a GCS score of 15 and a World Federation of Neurological Societies (WFNS) grade 1 SAH (Teasdale et al., 1988; Ogungbo, 2003).
The goal is to develop wireless fog networks (wfns) by using network slicing technology and deep learning techniques to integrate ground and drone fog nodes into cellular networks.
La clasificacion clinica de WFNS es una escala comunmente usada y demostrada como factor pronostico en la HSA y de facil aplicabilidad, con baja variabilidad interobservador (5).