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WFOTWorld Federation of Occupational Therapists
WFOTWorld Federation of Ozone Therapy (medical treatment)
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Professional organizations have documents that can help occupational therapists justify their involvement in addressing broader societal issues, such as the WFOT position statement on human rights and AOTA societal statements on livable communities, youth violence, and health disparities (AOTA, 2016, 2018; Braveman et al., 2013; WFOT, 2006).
It bases its interventions on concepts and practices defined by the WFOT (50) and the AOTA (51) that establish that "the profession is centered in empowering and facilitate the participation of persons or groups in taking roles, habits, and routines at home, at school, at the workplace, and at the community through the occupation.
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O reconhecimento pela WFOT inclui, entre outras exigencias, que cada estudante complete um minimo de mil horas de atividades praticas ou trabalho de campo, possibilitando a integracao de conhecimentos e o desenvolvimento de habilidades e competencias necessarias a qualificacao profissional (WFOT, 2002).
Let us try not to be fearful or blameful, or to feel shame or regret; rather, let us collectively explore and debate and move toward consensus about how we respond to the many issues raised at the 2018 WFOT conference and explored in this issue of OJOT.
The findings are of interest to occupational therapists as engagement of this particular animal in a therapeutic intervention may be advantageous in addressing global healthcare needs in mental health, as well as attending to the WFOT's call for practitioners to address immediate healthcare demands while simultaneously confronting environmental health.
The WFOT (2012) defines occupational therapy as "a client-centered health profession concerned with promoting health and well-being through occupation" (para 1).
We have more programmes that have gained the approval or are in the process of gaining approval by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT).
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The World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) has stated that the occupational therapy (OT) profession needs strong leadership for continuous development of the profession (Lapointe, Baptiste, von Zweck, & Craik, 2013).