WFPMAWorld Federation of Personnel Management Associations (Argentina)
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In alternating years, BCG partners with the WFPMA and with the European Association for People Management.
Those results were combined with those from a European study conducted by BCG last year in conjunction with EAPM (a member of WFPMA), creating a total of 4,741 responses from 83 countries.
Anna Tavis: Tell us about the historical origins of World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) and its global mission in advancing the HR Profession.
* Create and maintain contacts with all WFPMA member associations, as well as with other organizations that have some activity in the same or similar field.
AT: How do you "recruit," or how do country or regional associations "join" WFPMA?
JJ: WFPMA currently has five Continental Federations.
JJ: WFPMA represents today more than 600,000 HR executives and professionals from five continents that participate via their respective national HR association and, through the association, to the corresponding Continental Federation that are active board members of WFPMA.
WFPMA shares with its members research studies and surveys on HR global trends, such as the survey sponsored by WFPMA and the Boston Consulting Group, "Creating People Advantage 2015," in which 3,500 CEOs and HR executives from 103 countries expressed their current and future views on the profession through the year 2020.
Also, members of WFPMA are increasingly finding value in the lively and still growing professional network of this worldwide federation.
WFPMA has established the world's most prestigious global HR award, the George Petitpas Award.
AT: Who are the representatives to WFPMA and how are they elected?
JJ: Each one of the five Continental Federations described above has two members appointed to the WFPMA Global Board.