WFSAWorld Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists
WFSAWildland Fire Situation Analysis
WFSAWorld Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities
WFSAWelsh Federation of Sea Anglers
WFSAWildland Fire Leadership Council (est. 2002)
WFSAWasatch Front Ski Accommodations
WFSAWilhelm Furtwängler Society of America
WFSAWorld Federation and Society of Adolescentology
WFSAWomen's Foundation of Southern Arizona
WFSAWessex Film and Sound Archive
WFSAWeighted Finite State Acceptor
WFSAWeighted Finite State Automata
WFSAWorld Freestyle Skateboarding Association
WFSAWorld Food and Sustainable Agriculture
WFSAWelsh Football Supporters Association (UK)
WFSAWorld Freestyle Snowmobiling Association
WFSAWaltham Forest Socialist Alliance (UK)
WFSAWestern Financial Services Association
WFSAWinter Fox Ski Association, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
WFSAWorkflow System Account (Microsoft SharePoint)
WFSAWestbere Frostbite Sailing Association (UK)
WFSAWuhan Free Software Association
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Runner up and third place will receive PS200 and PS100 respectively, donated by the East Region WFSA. There are a further 17 prizes to be won.
As part of the first phase of the joint project between the WFSA and Masimo, a high burden country will be identified as the ASAP's focus.
Pulse oximetry is now considered to be essential for the safe practice of anaesthesia and has been included in the International Standards for a Safe Practice of Anesthesia 2010 adopted by the WFSA (10).
WFSA spokesman Mike Flynn said the increase could decimate fish stocks for local anglers and affect the important tourism business.
This, and WFSA's long-time championing of that right, has borne surprising fruit.
He was also fishing the pebbles and caught 10 dogfish which earned him PS200 donated by the East Region WFSA plus PS60 pool for second-heaviest bag.
The WFSA was established, after some years of careful planning, at the first World Congress of Anaesthesiology at Scheveningen, The Netherlands, in September 1955.
The second and third prizes of PS200 and PS100 has been donated by the East Region WFSA plus many other goodies up for grabs.
The Cardiff builder and former World Shore Fishing Champion caught 12 over the 20cm minimum limit and they added up to a total fish length of 344cm to give him the PS300 first prize put up by the WFSA and 20 points to add to his collection.
Boat anglers with ambitions at international level should note that entries for the WFSA trial matches at Milford Haven on June 2-3 close on March 31.
The second of the six competitions that make up the East Region WFSA Shore League takes place at Marcross and Monknash on Sunday, March 18.
The East Region WFSA Shore League incorporating qualifiers for Penn Points and the National Tronix Shore League starts on Sunday, January 21 at Aberthaw and Boverton.