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WFSPWhite-Faced Storm-Petrel (bird)
WFSPWisconsin Food System Partnership
WFSPWhite Female Single Parent
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Each caregiver received 30 ml samples of WFSP and OFSP in separate polystyrene cups.
Is the OFSP different to the WFSP, and if so, how is it different?
Table 2 shows the mean sensory acceptability ratings for the WFSP and OFSP, according to the different sensory attributes and the number and percentage of caregivers who gave the different ratings for the sensory attributes for both samples.
The caregivers likened the texture of the OFSP to commercial baby food products and perceived it to be ideal for children, compared with the WFSP, which they perceived to be drier.
The caregivers expressed a desire to purchase OFSP, instead of WFSP, if the prices were comparable, and if they were cheaper.
Within this population, more than half of households grew potatoes (63%) and about one-third (36%) grew WFSP in the last 12 months (table 6).
Brian Rees, who chairs the WFSP, believes many farm accidents can be avoided, especially when working with unrestrained animals.
First, the percentage of farmers who strongly agree that OFSP is nutritionally superior to WFSP is much higher among both male and female participants than non-participants.
29: Farming Connect / WFSP "Saving Lives and Livelihoods" event, Ruthin Livestock Market, LL15 1PB, 1pm-4pm.
WFSP chairman Brian Rees spelled out the stark reality that farmers are six times more likely to be killed in a workplace accident than construction workers.
"Visibility is a factor, as small children cannot be seen at a certain level." | Two more "Saving Lives and Livelihoods" events have been arranged by Farming Connect and the WFSP in August.
WFSP chairman Brian Rees said everyone who comes into contact with cattle - from employees to visiting vets - were at risk.