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WFSSWireless Frequency Setting System
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Annual operating results for WFSS are not material to Wells Fargo.
The noise N stems from discretization (due to finitely many sub-apertures of the WFS) and measurement errors (e.g., quantum effects) of the WFSs. The reconstruction of the wave-fronts [mathematical expression not reproducible] from the sensor measurements causes additional numerical errors, which we interpret as included in N here for the sake of simplicity.
The knowledge base, Web services, shared store, inference engine, WFSs, and GISs that constitute our system architecture are shown in Figure 9.
A case in point is the introduction of Women Friendly Spaces (WFSs) in flood-affected areas to create an environment conductive for the women to share their problems and voice their desire for education.
In his spare time, Kalua supports his local National Public Radio stations, WFSS 91.1 FM and WUNC 91.5 FM.
He says Fayetteville State's journalism courses will be supplemented by student work on an Internet radio station and National Public Radio affiliate WFSS, both on campus, as well as television studio that will begin to produce closed-circuit programs after being unused for two decades.
Mendota Heights, MN-based Wells Fargo Shareowner Services (WFSS), a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., provides shareowner services in the U.S., including stock transfer agent, corporate action, and investment plan services to more than 1,200 public and private companies across the U.S.
Held alongside Gulfood is The World Food Security Summit (WFSS).
The World Food Security Summit (WFSS) will be held alongside Gulfood this year.
Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) revealed on Wednesday that it signed an agreement to sell its Wells Fargo Shareowner Services (WFSS) business for USD227m, to Equiniti Group plc in London.