WFTSWaiting for the Sun (Doors album/song)
WFTSWillamette Family Treatment Services (Eugene, OR)
WFTSWisconsin Frog and Toad Survey (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
WFTSWorkshop for the Soul (Catholic Internet radio station)
WFTSWarfighting from the Sea (US Marine Corps)
WFTSWichita Falls Transit System (Texas)
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For Dokulil (1962: 75, 1986: 221), it is the foundation; for the derivatives forming common WFTs, besides the identity of general onomasiological and semantic structure, the identity of the affix must also represent the identity of the base (of the part of speech from which they are coined).
The western flower thrips (WFT), Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), is a destructive pest of vegetables, flowers, and various crops worldwide.
WFTS is the largest substance abuse treatment agency in Lane County, Oregon, with an operating budget of over $4 million per year, and includes both adolescent and adult treatment programs.
In Stekauer (1998), I use the same term for accounting and calculating the relative productivity of various WFTs belonging to the same conceptually defined cluster (agents, instruments, actions, etc.).
boliviana on the third leaf of TSA, 10 female adult WFTs were introduced and confined on the leaf opposite the third leaf of 5 G.
In addition to the ABC deals, KING Seattle, KGW Portland, Ore., KJZZ Salt Lake City, WWMT Grand Rapids, Mich., KNXV Phoenix, KSHB Kansas City, Mo., WFTS Tampa, Fla., WMAR Baltimore and WUSA Washington, D.C., have also picked up "Iyanla."
WFTS reporter Ryan Smith later tweeted a video of an alligator with its head just above the surface of the lake.
The scope of the proposed project will provide planning, installation, training, and configuration for implementation of a GPS/AVL Passenger Information System (GAPIS) ?for the WFTS for 13 buses.
The vape pen used by the man was manufactured by Smok-E Mountain - a type of unregulated mechanical mod e-cigarette that "does not come with safety features," according to ( ABC affiliate WFTS.
He later held the same position at WFTS in Tampa and CBS-owned KPIX in San Francisco.
A JetBlue flight going from Puerto Rico to Florida had to make a pit stop after the pilot's windshield cracked in mid-air, ( according to Tampa Bay ABC affiliate WFTS.
She denied using her son to help her shoplift the Florida JCPenney branch, according to ( WFTS .