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WFUVWide-Field Ultraviolet
WFUVWe're Fordham University's Voice (Fordham University's Radio Station)
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Rita Houston, music director for New York City's WFUV, airs NPR news headlines but none of its longer programs.
29 WFUV Adult Alternative Fordham U, NJ's WMGQ A/C Greater Media, WKMK/WTHU Press Country tie, 0.5.
WFUV 0.6 ties Newark Public Jazz WBGO & N/T WNYC @ 0.6.
Non Commercial: Adult Alternative Fordham University WFUV 0.7; Newark Public Jazz WBGO 0.7.
Greater Media NJ WMGQ 0.6 in a three way tie with Fordham University Adult Alternative WFUV 0.6 and Univision Spanish WADO 0.6.
Fordham University Adult Alternative WFUV 0.7-0.7-0.6 is tied with Newark Public Radio Jazz WBGO, steady at 0.6-0.6-0.6.
WNYC Broadcasting Classical WQXR 1.2-1.3-1.5, Fordham University WFUV AA .7, Newark Public Radio Jazz WBGO .6, suburbans Pamal A/C WHUD .6 and Greater Media A/C WMGQ .5.
Founding stations include KCRW Los Angeles, WXPN Philadelphia, WFUV New York City, KTBG Kansas City and KUTX Austin.
EdArts: NYC Foundation Classical WQXR1.3, Newark Public Jazz WBGO .7, Fordham University's AA WFUV .6
CBS CHR WBMP is up 2.4-3.1-3.0, CMLS HotA/C WPLJ 2.1-2.3-2.4 and non-comsF ordhamU AdultAlternative WFUV dipping to .6 while and Newark Jazz WBGO is now .9.