WFVWiener Fußball-Verband (German: Vienna, Austria soccer club)
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Soil moisture at 39 and 59 inches showed no significant changes so far in July, averaging 0.47 and 0.44 wfv, respectively, on July 14.
Sensor Type Polarization/bands Time (UTC) ALOS-2 SAR HH/HV/VH/VV 2016-5-16 (15:32) ALOS-2 SAR HH/HV/VH/VV 2016-12-26 (15:32) ALOS-2 SAR HH/HV 2016-7-17 (15:59) Sentinel-1 SAR VH/VV 2016-7-26 (09:54) Sentinel-1 SAR VH/VV 2016-7-26 (09:54) Landsat 8 Optic OLI 2016-07-21 (19:19) Landsat 8 Optic OLI 2016-07-21 (19:19) GF-1 Optic PMS 2016-07-07 (11:10) GF-1 Optic PMS 2016-07-07 (11:10) GF-1 Optic PMS 2016-07-07 (11:10) GF-1 Optic PMS 2016-07-07 (11:10) GF-1 Optic WFV 2016-07-15 (11:06) Sensor Resolution (m) Swath width (km) ALOS-2 6 40 x 70 ALOS-2 6 40 x 70 ALOS-2 3 50 x 70 Sentinel-1 5 x 20 240 Sentinel-1 5 x 20 240 Landsat 8 30 185 Landsat 8 30 185 GF-1 8 60 GF-1 8 60 GF-1 8 60 GF-1 8 60 GF-1 16 800 TABLE 2: Polarized parameters used in this study.
Por otra parte, de los resultados obtenidos para la WFV (ver Figura 9) se resalta una reduccion promedio de 10% en todas las muestras, con una variacion maxima de 14% en los aisladores ANSI 55-2 y una reduccion minima de 8% en los aisladores polimericos.
Por otro lado, las pruebas de WFV exhibieron una reduccion promedio de 19% para los aisladores ceramicos y de 10% para los aisladores polimericos.
WFV is also excited to announce that several partners will be joining the group over the next several months to grow the WFV portfolio.
About WFV: is a venture capital firm dedicated to investing in businesses by leveraging capital, digital marketing, SEO/PPC, and media buying strategies.
Stephen Robison, American Foundry Society Inc.; David Weiss, Eck Industries Inc.; Gerald Gegel, Metallurgical and Process Consultancy; Gregory Woycik, Hayes Lemmerz Tech Center; Michael Marlatt, WFV & Roeperwerk; and Bruce Cox, Daimler Chrysler
Soil moisture at 4 inches averaged 0.34 water fraction by volume (wfv) on March 14, a decrease of 12 percent from the beginning of the month.
Conditions were driest in central Illinois, where levels averaged 0.25 water fraction by volume (wfv) Nov.
wfv (Werkzeug, Formen und Vorrichtungsbau GmbH & Co.
WFV specializes in the manufacturing of low-pressure dies for light alloy components used primarily in the automotive industry.
WFV and Roperwerk promoted their low-pressure permanent mold casting machines.