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WFWIWomen for Women International (US and UK)
WFWIWise for Windows Installer
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Phase 1: Conduct a systematic and comprehensive review of existing WfWI Health and HIV/AIDS curriculum and training materials in Nigeria;
Phase 3: Utilize research findings to update, expand and enhance the Health module of the WfWI 12 month core training program, incorporating technology and other creative educational methodologies;
Despite the donation from WfWI, need could increase as refugees are
WfWI training and its components have evolved over the years; currently the core 12-month program comprises of both business and vocational training, complemented by numeracy training offered to those women who need it.
WfWI recognizes a growing importance of the business and entrepreneurship skills for the women and would like to review the current training program and its composition of business and vocational offerings.
The objective of this consultancy is to identify the current gaps in the WfWI curriculum in addressing women s economic empowerment and propose new elements that could be added to the curriculum and/or new balance between the existing training elements for WfWI program in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.