WFZWeapons Free Zone
WFZWasatch Fault Zone
WFZWing Fortress Zone (Sonic 2 level)
WFZWhite Fulani Zebu (cow breed)
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- 1 st rlt plant 10 500 m 3 per h, - 1 st of rlt plant 12 500 m 3 per h, - 1 h air conditioning plant 3 800 m 3 per h, - installation of the rlt facilities in the attic (crane position required), - 1 st air conditioning split system 2,5 kw, - 2 200 m 2 ventilation duct, - 530 m 2 molded parts, - 500 lfm wfz pipe 100 - 315 mm, - 190 m 2 ventilation duct and fittings for greasy kitchen ventilation, - 70 m ventilation duct for fatty kitchen ventilation, - 81 fire dampers, - 6 overflow valves, - 28 variable volume flow controllers.
The objective of this tender is to conclude an agreement with 1 or 2 suppliers with the purpose to provide meteorological and oceanographic data (from now on referred to as metocean data) obtained through real time field measurements at the Wind Farm Zone Hollandse Kust (Zuid) (HKZ WFZ).The field data are to be obtained by means of 2 individual floating devices equipped with a LIDAR system to measure wind properties and dedicated instrumentation to measure wave and current properties.Short description of the Work:The Work concerns organizing metocean field measurements at HKZ WFZ.
Contract notice: Features of self-propelled ships wsv (30 wfz.) with maritime traffic engineering inland ais and inland ecdis under consideration and integration of existing components.