WG-GGIWorking Group on Geodesy and Geographic Information
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This comprehensive structure shows the far-reaching wider scope of activities of the WG-GGI. This incorporated the voluntary participation of a number of Antarctic nations working towards provision of Geodesy, Mapping and Geographic Information over the vast continent.
The greatly expanded structure and activities of the WG-GGI and its contribution to the mapping of Antarctica evolved further during the 1990's, particularly the Geodesy component, as reported to the XXVI SCAR meeting in Tokyo in 2000, where the overall activities of the working group were summarised by Manning (2001) as:
In 1992 Joern Sievers, the WG-GGI representative from Germany, raised the issue of attempting to rationalize the duplication of topographic names using the principle of 'one feature, one name' (Sievers & Bennat 1989; Sievers & Thomson 1998).