WG2Working Group 2
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Species cluster analysis indicated that group WG1 of Feb-Mar 2005 was virtually the same as the northern larval fish complex observed in the winter of 1988, and the WG2 group was almost the same as in the southern complex from 1984-1988 (AcevesMedina et al., 2004).
The time-dependent strains of top concrete and the concrete near compression bars are presented in Figure 6(b), which were experimentally obtained by the vibrating wire gauges WG1 and WG2, respectively.
For a given value of moisture [W.sub.g1], the differences between the measured backscattering coefficients are meaningful only if the moisture Wg2 checks one of these two conditions (21a) or (21b).
TR 43.868, TR 37.868), which are standardized by RAN WG2 and GERAN WG2.
He has served three terms as chair, Health Level 7, chair of ISO TC 215 WG2, and chair of the Joint Initiative Council (ISO, CEN, HL7, CDISC, IHTSDO, and GS1).
These efforts include helping make source-code tools and applications available and practical for military use, and supporting the Second Annual Working Group (WG2) Aug.
"It is easy to forget the big picture, which is that the WG2 volume represents a sound and reliable statement of our knowledge, and is the product of robust and rigorous assessment by you all," he added.
ENFORCE Campaign Plan Work Groups WG1 WG2 WG3 WG4 WG5 Topic: Topic: Topic: Topic: Topic: Train Develop Expand Develop Enhance Engineer Engineer the Engineer Engineer Sense of Warriors Leaders Team Capabilities Regiment Wednesday PM: Work groups (task/purpose)introduced during Commandant's Campaign Plan Update Thursday AM: Workgroup leads present current status of the LOE Thursday PM: Work groups prioritize the decisive points and discuss potential additional decisive points Friday AM: Work group leads backbrief ** Final room assignments depend on estimated size of work groups.
Bristol-based WG2 Properties wants to demolish 58 Beulah Road, in Rhiwbina, Cardiff, and establish seven new houses with garages in its place.