WG5Working Group 5
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WG5 Blow moulding machines--a formal vote is being held this month.
For instance, its working group 5 (WG5) on identity management and privacy technologies--there is a 1999 standard ISO/IEC 14888-2:1999, on identity issues regarding digital signatures offering potentially valuable advice for strengthening customer identification controls.
Somatic coliphages are those which infect Escherichia coli WG5 through the cell wall and are detected by standardized methods (ISO 10705-2).
A: The international Fortran committee (WG5) decides the overall content, based on country requests, but delegates all of the technical work to the American committee (J3).
WG5 has completed its agenda and produced four Draft International Standards within 3 1/2 years.
(1995), "Performance measurement for performance management", IFIP WG5.7 Working Conference, Seattle, USA, August.
The project aims at performing prenormative research to enable the creation or improvement of European standards in the working field of the working group CEN TC 227 / WG5.