WGArWheat Germ Agglutinin-Resistant (biochemistry)
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Swings: +1.7 Talk WLW, + 1.1 both Classic Hits WGAR & Talk WKRC; -- 6.1 A/C WRRM, -0.6 Urban WIZF.
iHeart is big by the lake with 4 of the Top 5, now led by AdultHits WHLK 8.7-8.4-9.3 with 2nd ranked cume, andClsHIts WMJI #2 share also up 8.7-8.8-9.2 and #1 cume595-614k.Ctry WGAR hangs on to 3rd 7.0-7.3-7.3 and News/Talk WTZM drops to 5th 7.2-7.2-6.4.
2nd AdultHits WHLK 9.4-8.7-8.4, Country WGAR 6.8-7.0-7.3 and News/Talk WTZM 4th 5.8-7.2-7.2.
Prior to that, Bob was the morning news anchor at KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh and the midday news broadcaster at WGAR Radio in Cleveland.