WGBSWest Gulf Blockading Squadron (Civil War era)
WGBSWorking Group on Banking Supervision (Executives' Meeting of East Asia-Pacific Central Banks)
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The objective of the current study was therefore to investigate the impact of maternal smoking during pregnancy on the newborn methylome, using WGBS, within sorted cord blood [CD4.sup.+] cells collected from a subset of Hispanic white participants enrolled in the Maternal and Child Health Study (MACHS), a Los Angeles birth cohort that was designed to identify early-life risk factors for adverse metabolic and respiratory outcomes in childhood.
(34.) Brooklyn Daily Times quoting a WGBS radio spokesperson (20 May 1928).
At a specificity of 98 percent, the WGBS, WGS, and targeted assays detected 41, 38, and 51 percent of early-stage (I to IIIA) cancers, and 89, 87, and 89 percent of late-stage (IIIB to IV) cancers.
-At 98 percent specificity, the WGBS assay detected 41 percent of early-stage (stage I-IIIA) lung cancers and 89 percent of late-stage (stage IIIB-IV) lung cancers.
This could include an application containing a fixed number of wireless machines using work group bridges (WGB).
(WGBS) Reduced repre- Similar to WGBS, but DNA is sentation restriction-enzyme digested to bisulfite enrich for CpG-rich DNA.
Very recently, a large whole-genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS) analysis on human brain and neuronal cell culture model of Dup15q revealed a global decrease in DNA methylation in both CpG regions and long intersperse element 1 (LINE-1) repetitive elements [33].
The trading symbol for the common stock will remain "WGBS".
FREMONT, Calif May 3, 2016 -- WaferGen Bio-systems (WGBS) announced hat the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), an intergovernmental organization specializing in basic research in the life sciences, and Karolinska Institutet, a Swedish academic researcher, have selected the ICELL8 SingleCell System for use in their institutions for single-cell research in stem cell and neuroscience research.
(OTCBB: WGBS), a leading developer of state-of-the-art genetic analysis systems, and IR BioSciences Holdings, Inc.