WGDPWestern Ghat Development Programme (India)
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Table 3 ADF test results Test statistics 10% critical values WOIL -1.46 -2.58 WGDP -3.38 -2.58 USCAD -2.57 -2.58 WCPI -3.37 -3.15 LIBOR -0.55 -2.58 AFRICA -0.96 -2.58 CEEUROPE 0.44 -2.58 COMMONW -1.36 -2.58 DEVASIA -2.45 -2.58 LAM ERICA -2.24 -2.58 MEAST -3.10 -2.58 In Table 4, each block presents estimation results for a different emerging market group.
Tenders are invited for Wgdp parakkadavu construction of new toilet in wtp at mattumala
Tenders are invited for supply errection and commissioning 15 hp centrifugal pumpset at mattumala plant for wgdp parakadavu
The world GDP index (WGDP) is used to represent foreign income while the relative price variable is defined as the ratio of the index of domestic price of exports to world export prices ([PX.sub.i]/PXW$, i = 1, 2).
Tenders are invited for supply erection and commisssioning of 20 h p submersible motor pumpset for wgdp parakadavu
Tenders are invited for mace of wgdp parak adavu replacement of old damaged pipe to dik 9 pipe