WGFDWyoming Game and Fish Department
WGFDWales/Genesee Fire Department (Wisconsin)
WGFDWorking Group on Future Development (Acid Deposition Monitoring in East Asia)
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The Wyoming portion of the Black Hills lies with the area designated "Region A" by WGFD. There are 4,500 nonresident whitetail tags available for this area annually.
Officials of the WGFD, which administered the lethal injection, said it was done because the bear "would not stop eating cows grazing in the Park" (Thuermer 1996a:14A).
Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the WGFD began releasing animals to the wild at Shirley Basin in Wyoming in 1991.
The WGFD and the Wyoming State Veterinary Lab (WSVL) increased opportunistic surveillance of moose in 2008.
The evening ended with live music provided by the Jared Rogerson Band; during the day, Jared is a biologist with the WGFD.
West Slope: Approximately 400 acres of juniper will be targeted to continue long-term improvements of big game habitat conditions in cooperation with WGFD. This project is 15 miles east of Lovell on the west slope of the Bighorn Mountains.
Crucial winter range, as defined by WGFD, is critical to a population's ability to maintain adequate productivity to meet population objectives, and in 1993 crucial winter range accounted for only 10.1% of occupied moose habitat in Wyoming (Hnilicka and Zornes 1994).
Game and Fish is excited to work with the BLM and WYDOT to help wildlife populations migrate to suitable habitat, said WGFD Associate Wildlife Biologist Leslie Schreiber.
Resource requirements within a population are best compared during the critical winter period when forage is often limiting (Peterson and Allen 1974, WGFD 1990).
Currently WGFD conducts helicopter surveys to classify herds by sex and age and to conduct trend counts.
According to a release by WGFD, there have been nearly 900 cattle and 1,778 sheep killed by wolves since 1995.
"I think the one thing we could say is that the majority of people would like to see them managed [for overall numbers] as soon as possible," says WGFD's John Emmerich