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WGFSWestern Guaranty Fund Services (various states)
WGFSWorking Group on Financial Services
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Power, Knowledge and Feminist Scholarship: an ethnography of academia (2017) ambitiously seeks to understand the place of Women's, Gender, and Feminist Studies (WGFS) in such worldwide conservative politics by linking the epistemic with the economic.
In the age of STEM it's pertinent that a whole chapter lists the kinds of epistemic maps available to position WGFS in relation to 'proper science' and 'mainstream science': as either like them, or they should be or are like WGFS, or WGFS can bring the two sciences closer.
Intellectually indebted to that school of formidable UK feminist cultural analysts like Hemmings, Skeggs, Gill, etc, Pereira's book affirms much of what we know, and provides the tools to articulate the eternally compromised and precarious position of WGFS in the academy.