WGGWorking Group on Girls (UNICEF; New York, NY)
WGGWho Got Game (UK; basketball organization)
WGGWholistic Growth for Generations (Port Saint Lucie, FL)
WGGWillibald Gluck Gymnasium (school in Neumarkt, Bavaria, Germany)
WGGWilli Graf Gymnasium (Munich, Germany)
WGGWilson Golf Group (Minnesota)
WGGWilliam Gilbert Grace (English cricketer)
WGGWorking Group on Gas Analysis (Consultative Committee on the Quantity of Material)
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Back in July 2015, the accused awarded the project to WGG as the lone bidder.
The two Italians were rapidly caught by 8 other riders : Pfingsten (BOA), Keisse (EQS), Antonini, Stenuit (WGG), De Vries (ROP), Steels (TSV), White (UHC) and Reihs (SSG).
* Format and structure guidance and implementation (subject to WGG approval)
The SP parliamentarians in the Bundesrat took the opportunity to once again raise the fundamental concerns of their group regarding some aspects of the new WGG. Eva Prischl (SP / N) pointed to the rapid increase in rental costs in the private housing market.
After only 1 km of racing three men managed to break free from the pack: Dehaes (WGG), in the breakaway for the third consecutive day, Slik (ROP) and Kerby (DPC).
Mrs Duncan Smith made her unguarded comments at the relaunch of a book by her late husband, wartime fighter pilot WGG "Smithy" Duncan Smith.
On the initiative of OVP and FPO there will be extensive changes in the Housing Benefits Act (WGG).
After only two kilometres, two men managed to break away: Christoph Pfingsten (BOA) and Kenny De Haes (WGG).
The deputies Josef Singer (VP), Philipp Schrangl (FP), Michaela Steinacker (VP) and Peter Wurm (FP) have initiated a comprehensive amendment of the Wohnungsgemeinntzigkeitsgesetz (WGG) by means of an initiative application ( 907 / A).
Members of the coalition parties are in favor of an amendment to the Housing Ownership Act (WGG) for the modernization and strengthening of the non-profit housing industry as well as for a "change" of the Housing Investment Bank (WBIB).
Members of the coalition parties are in favor of an amendment of the Housing Ownership Act (WGG) to modernize and strengthen the non-profit housing industry as well as a change in the WBIB.