WGGANWomen's Global Green Action Network
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The group agreed that regional WGGAN coordinators will channel information, resources, and training between WGGAN and the grassroots, and we discussed communication and information methods.
Then the WGGAN delegation attended the Mexico 2006 Fourth World Water Forum.
During a deeply moving ceremony at the World Water Forum, the runners received a formal welcome from a group of central Mexico's indigenous elders, performed traditional dance and song, and offered blessings to a group of the women from the WGGAN summit.
A WGGAN delegation will attend the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD) 14th Session in New York City.
WGGAN understands that in women's efforts to curb the impacts of environmental degradation they work against powerfully entrenched social, economic, and political barriers.
Sensing this opportunity and intent on building a movement towards a fully sustainable society--both socially just and environmentally sound--the WGGAN team continues to build a strategic platform for both experienced and emerging grassroots women leaders to convene, inspire and collaborate across borders.
By further empowering the thousands of women around the world who take a stand for the health of their natural environment and their communities, WGGAN serves as an instrument of social democracy--equalizing access, connectivity, and influence across divides.