WGHAWashington Global Health Alliance (Seattle, WA)
WGHAWhole Genome Homozygosity Association (novel analytic model)
WGHAWhitby Girls Hockey Association (Ontario, Canada)
WGHAWalnut Grove Homes Association (Madison, WI)
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The WGHA helps facilitate collaboration between global health organizations and the public and private sector.
In addition, the state's global health groups collaborate with 1,574 partners in 111 countries worldwide, according to a 2011 WGHA report, titled "Global Health Strategic Mapping Portfolio." The portfolio documents Washington's expertise in infectious and chronic disease as well as technology and device development.
Parameters used in the economic model to calculate net present value (AU$) of biochar addition in each of the rainfall regions of the wheatbelt in Western Australia, 12 years average (1997-2008) Dse, Dry sheep equivalent; wgha, winter-grazed hectares High Medium rainfall rainfall north north Wheat Yield (t/ha) 2.42 2.16 Area (ha) 810 1466 Total (t) 1957 3167 Lupins Yield (t/ha) 1.62 1.33 Area (ha) 545 569 Total (t) 881 754 Barley Yield (t/ha) 2.01 2.03 Area (ha) 154 251 Total (t) 310 511 Canola Yield (t/ha) 1.29 1.07 Area (ha) 184 257 Total (t) 236 274 Total Area (ha) 1692 2543 Total (t) 3384 4706 Av.