WGHMWaterGAP (Global Assessment and Prognosis) Global Hydrology Model
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Results are presented in Figure 2, where dark line describes ETW for southern Poland from GRACE data; dashed light line describes ETW for southern Poland from GOCO03S model and light line is the WGHM model.
For this purpose a spherical harmonic coefficients were set in a way: GRACE + WGHM model and GOCO03S + WGHM model, finally a combined modell using Gaussian filtering (Jekeli, 1981).
Accuracy of the WGHM model is few millimeters (Flury et al., 2006).
* a comparison between GRACE, GOCO and WGHM models in a form of millimeters of EWT in time series,
One important remark has to be given here, that we only consider the large scale continental water storage impact on gravity rates (loading and Newtonian part) from WGHM model.
Guntner (GFZ Potsdam) is greatly acknowledged for providing WGHM model.
and Guntner, A.:2009, Time series of superconducting gravimeters and water storage variations from the global hydrology model WGHM, Journal of Geodynamics, 48(3-5), 166171, doi: 10.1016/j.jog.2009.09.036.