WGIIWashington Group International Inc (stock symbol)
WGIIWilliam Glasser Institute Ireland (est. 1989; Ireland)
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(62) See IPCC WGII, supra note 52, at 713; WOLD ET AL., supra note
In July 2015, during a session of UNCITRAL that took place in Vienna, WGII reported to UNCITRAL a summary of its findings, its concerns and recommendations.
The mandate given by UNCITRAL to the WGII is broad enough to include different possible forms of work, namely, (i) a guidance text, (ii) a model legislative provisions, and most importantly (iii) a convention.
WGII has a mandate to prepare a convention on the enforceability of international commercial settlement agreements resulting from mediation/conciliation ("Convention").
There is no doubt that the WGII will have many challenges to cover when preparing the Convention and the other aspects of its work.
Overall, IPCC AR4 summarized the situation by noting that the literature on adaptation costs and benefits remains "quite limited and fragmented" (Adger and others 2007, in IPCC WGII 2007).
Small Islands Sea-level Capacity building for shoreline (Somoa, Tonga, rise defense system design; introduction Cook Islands) of participatory risk assessment; provision of grants to strengthen coastal resilience and rehabilitation of infrastructures; construction of cyclone-resistant housing units; retrofit of buildings to improved hazard standards; review of building codes; reforestation of mangroves Drought, Rainwater harvesting; leakage saltwater reduction; hydroponic farming; bank intrusion loans allowing for purchase of rainwater storage tanks Source, from IPCC WGII Fourth Assessment Report--Final Draft for Government Review Chapter 17: Assessment of Adaptation Practices, Options, Constraints and Capacity.
Tickers featured: CBI, ECOL, EME, FIX, HVAC, JEC, KEX, LNG, NCS, SGR, TYL, WGII. Complete text approximately 3000 words.