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WGIPWorking Group on Indigenous Populations (United Nations)
WGIPWorking Group on Inspection Practices (Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities; Nuclear Energy Agency; France)
WGIPWorking Group on Indigenous Peoples (United Nations; less common)
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The results of the efforts of the UNPFII, WGIP and others and the reverberating impacts of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is to undo the erasure of Indigenous peoples and to inaugurate processes of self-determination in all arenas.
The genesis of the UNDRIP can be traced back to the work of the first specialised UN mechanism to examine Indigenous peoples' human rights issues, the Working Group on Indigenous Populations ('WGIP').
A unique feature of the WGIP was the frank and open environment of the meeting.
representatives and organizations were allowed to take part in WGIP
Current Navajo Nation representatives to the WGIP and Navajo leaders do not want to secede from the United States.
The WGDD, unlike the WGIP, is controlled by states rather than independent experts.
She added that Martinez has uncovered several internal UN documents that link the creation of a permanent forum with the elimination of the UN working group on Indigenous peoples (WGIP), a body that has made painstakingly slow but steady gains for Indigenous rights at the international level.
(31.) The WGIP established in 1982 was proposed by the sub-commission on the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities in its Resolution 2 (XXXIV) of September 8, 1981.
Martinez-Cobo's conclusions and findings triggered the creation of the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples (WGIP), a subsidiary body of the U.N.
Even with the WGIP [Working Group on Indigenous Populations], in the Japanese social structure, you can't get two weeks off or one week off easily.
Populations (WGIP) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), have