WGISWestern Gateway Infrastructure Scheme (UK)
WGISWestern Growers Insurance Services (various locations)
WGISWorking Group on Information Systems
WGISWorld Geodetic Information System
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- Weight: there are six WGIs. Equal weight was assigned to each dimension (1/6 each):
The models in this article were operationalized in accordance with each of the WGIs, in order to determine whether the decision to internationalize Brazilian family groups has a relevant association on measuring the Mean Institutional Distance.
Hugh Pelham, managing director of WGIS, said: "Securing this new contract to provide industrial services is testament to our track record in the marine sector and relationship with Babcock.
Each World Governance Indicator (WGI) was used separately, rather than as the composite index (WGI6) used in the previous section.
The WGIs are a long-standing research project of the World Bank and consist of six composite indicators capturing governance perception.
Information on WGIs complied by the World Bank is available starting from 1996; see http://info.worldbank.org/governance/wgi/index.asp.
(45.) Worldwide Governance Indicators, 2013 update, "Aggregate Indicators of Governance 1996-2012," WGIs Website: www.govindicators.org.
The Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) project reports aggregate and individual governance indicators for many countries and territories over six dimensions of governance (control of corruption, voice and accountability, rule of law, regulatory quality, political stability and absence of violence and government effectiveness).
In this paper, I critically examine a case study of community-based WGIS from California, Neighborhood Knowledge California (NKCA, http://nkca.ucla.edu).
The plate is the newest addition to DMVs NASCAR custom plate series and features the WGI and NASCAR logos with a checkered flag background.
Wood Group PSNs industrial service line business, Wood Group Industrial Services (WGIS), will provide fabric integrity maintenance and site support under the contract, which has the option to be extended for up to four years.
According to the company, the contract will be delivered by Wood Group PSNs industrial service line business, Wood Group Industrial Services (WGIS).