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WGMCWest Germanic
WGMCWillet Green Miller Centre (Laurentian University; Canada)
WGMCWood Green Mennonite Church (Noel Park, UK)
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(11) But, alarmingly, in 1910, just as Martha reached nine levels down and a depth of 1,000 feet, it was realised that the gold-beating reefs were in fact finite, leading to consternation at the WGMC headquarters and a decision to cut production to half the previous year's output.
Even though the Arbitration Court subsequently condemned the WGMC for its actions, the sacked men were never reinstated.
And the WGMC recently had begun to realise that Martha's gold was not inexhaustible; more than ever, it was opposed to any change that might eat into its future profits.
Finally, in late September, the WGMC announced that on the second of October the mine would be re-opened for 'ordinary and usual work'.
By careful comparison of related formations and cognates in the various dialects and WGmc languages Pijnenburg shows plausibly that Dutch elk is derived from *aina-lika rather than from *aina + ga-xwalika or *aina + ga-lika, and moreover, that English each is likely to be from a relatively ~simple' formation in *aina- or *aiwa + lika (NOT + *ga-lika).
Dutch zacht, German sanft, and English soft illustrate phonological issues, while, for morphology, the existence of strong past forms in Middle Dutch (Flemish) of the verbs of the type Dutch draaien, kraaien (German drehen, krahen) with cognate forms in English threw, crew may imply that such strong forms are old WGmc. The word-geographical implications of English oat(s), Flemish ate/ote, and Dutch (Zeelandic) oot(e) hint at a possible change of earlier *ai > Dutch o, which is puzzling.