WGPWWarszawska Gielda Papierow Wartosciowych (Polish: Warsaw Stock Exchange)
WGPWWood Group Pratt and Whitney (Bloomfield, CT)
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As WGPW began using GIS as a tool for seamlessly integrating data into one data source, it was quickly realized that the software's modeling tools, analytical capabilities, and powerful visualization techniques could be deployed throughout the enterprise.
WGPW uses ArcView GIS software from ESRI as the desktop solution in 14 district offices throughout its pipeline system.
Companywide, users in approximately 10 departments, including operations engineering, land, environmental, and marketing, in offices throughout the WGPW service area, use spatial data and analysis in daily decision-making.
Prior to GIS, WGPW performed much of its work using a project-focused approach to task completion.
By having spatial data available enterprisewide, WGPW began building computerized applications that take advantage of both spatial and attribute data types.
According to WGPW, this GIS application has drastically cut the time involved in obtaining permits, in some cases shaving the process from 70 to 11 days.
With data available online, WGPW sent staff with laptop computers to the construction sites for the Silver Gem project.
WGPW said one of the greatest improvements to its operations is the ability to generate alignment sheets using the GIS database and the Alignment Sheet Generator.
Company officials say the success at WGPW has served as a model for other Williams Gas Pipeline Companies, all of which are working on a corporate-wide common GIS implementation strategy.