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WGRFWestern Grains Research Foundation (Canada)
WGRFWorld Greyhound Racing Federation (est. 1969)
WGRFWorld's Greatest Railfans
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"The research community ensures we remain competitive and efficient," WGRF Board Chair Dave Sefton said.
Producers are committed to agricultural research because we know the knowledge and tools it provides, which are vital for our continued success, WGRF Board Chair Dave Sefton said.
Chairman of Greyhounds Australasia (GA) and Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV), Mrs Wilson is the first woman to head the WGRF.
She said: "I believe the WGRF has an obligation to address a number of important matters that have the potential to affect all of our member countries.
However the WGRF is losing much of its impact with Ireland and the UK no longer members while the State of Victoria in Australia has also withdrawn.
An SGV statement yesterday said: "The successful conference has highlighted the importance of good track design and maintenance in minimising racing injuries, internationally agreed by all delegates of the WGRF. It is also very clear that greyhound medicine is on the move and is about to enter a renaissance period, as long as financial support from the industry for the IGVAC can be secured."
Mr Taggart has repeatedly said that the IGB will not participate in the WGRF because of the "Spanish issue." Meantime a truckload of Irish dogs are being exported to race in Spain almost monthly.
If, instead of using the "Spanish situation" as an excuse to absent themselves from the WGRF, Mr Taggart and the IGB joined the world body and took a leading role in it, they could readily exert such pressure for reform on the Spanish authorities that it would be hard for them to resist.
However, as things stand, there could be considerable embarrassment ahead when the WGRF delegates turn up at Curraheen Park in Cork next September for a night at the dogs.
And, an even tastier morsel, with the Paddy Power Irish Derby final scheduled for Shelbourne on September 13th, will the WGRF delegates turn up for the most valuable greyhound race in the world - run by a body that is not a member of the Federation?
Geoffrey Thomas, chief executive of the British Greyhound Racing Board and President of the WGRF, took the step of announcing the charter to delegates and in front of campaigners such as the actress Annette Crosbie and Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of the National Canine Defence League.
Given the difference in attitudes to welfare in countries across the world, it was an unexpected development - especially when Thomas argued the charter should be the basis of any country's membership of the WGRF.