WGRSWorking Group on Romanization Systems (UN)
WGRSWisconsin Garden Railway Society (est. 1990)
WGRSWorld Geographic Reference System (aka GEOREF)
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For instance, WGRS facilitated development of ultra-high-density recombination maps for two rice RIL populations, namely "9311 x Nipponbare" and "Zhenshan 97 x Minghui 63" comprising 150 and 238 individuals, respectively [62, 63].
Following this, DNA from mutant individuals in [F.sub.2] populations are bulked, and the WGRS (up to 10 x coverage) for the bulked DNA is performed using appropriate NGS platforms.
The children were asked to report their present pain intensity by marking it on the WGRS twice a day, for five days.
In summary, the WGRS has proven to be a valid and reliable tool for measuring pain intensity in children and adolescents (Tesler et al., 1991), although questions on the placement of the descriptors on the scale have been raised.
Growth was expressed as weight gain rate (WGR, %) and daily increment in shell length (DISL, [micro]m/d).
However, weight gain rate (WGR) of the animals was significantly affected by the different lipid sources.