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WGSWorld Geodetic System
WGSWhite German Shepherd (dog breed)
WGSWhen God Speaks
WGSWideband Global SATCOM
WGSWeb Guidance System
WGSWorkgroup Server
WGSWorkgroup System
WGSWhole Genome Shotgun (DNA sequencing method)
WGSWater-Gas Shift
WGSWideband Gapfiller Satellite
WGSWideband Gapfiller System (US DoD)
WGSWorld Geodetic Survey (less common)
WGSWorking Group on Statistics (Kimberley Process Certification Scheme)
WGSWorld Group Securities, Inc
WGSWolverhampton Grammar School (UK)
WGSWork Group System
WGSWestbourne Grammar School
WGSWorld Global Settlement
WGSWhile Guthix Sleeps (online gaming)
WGSWorking Group on Software
WGSWee Gordon Strachan (Gordon Strachan)
WGSWellPoint Group Systems (transaction processing)
WGSWet Gevaarlijke Stoffen (Dutch: law on harmful material transport)
WGSWorldwide Goods & Services
WGSWallops Ground Station
WGSWirral Grammar School (UK)
WGSWithington Girls' School (Fallowfield, Manchester, England, UK)
WGSWaveguide Section
WGSWeather Graphics Switch
WGSWhite Girl Status
WGSWork Group Supervisor (job title)
WGSWorkorder Generation System
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It's with good reason that bread is called "the staff of life." A diet rich in WGs is associated with lower total mortality and death from cardiovascular disease (CVD), a broad category that includes stroke, atrial fibrillation, myocardial ischemia, cardiovascular death, coronary artery disease, and myocardial infarction; all-cause mortality, and mortality from cancers, particularly colorectal cancer.
WGS communications, either using commercial X-band or military Ka-band, are being upgraded with more secure features.
Sequencing depths of 100X, 70X, and 30X were assumed for TGP, WES, and WGS, respectively.
WGS programs are sympathetic to the reality that students face a pared down learning environment, rich in private sector-sponsored technology that is short on full-time faculty as well as tremendous debt post-graduation.
The use of molecular subtyping methods (e.g., PFGE and WGS) to determine genetic relatedness of the bacterial isolates was particularly valuable.
The sequential reaction scheme in the overall reaction for the CONO and WGS reactions is shown in eq.
If a change in NBS policy to include WGS is to be considered, it should begin with a discussion with all stakeholders.
Today, as the cost and time required to sequence genomes has plummeted, more hospitals and health-care agencies are turning to WGS to study disease outbreaks, and the method promises to revolutionize standard methods of infection control and contact tracing during outbreaks.
L-3 Linkabit's Network-Centric Waveform (NCW), embedded in the MPM-1000 modem product family, has been uniquely designed to capitalize on the special features and benefits of the WGS satellite.
Attending statewide and national conferences has helped me understand the scope of scholarship in the WGS field, but I have definitely grappled with understanding the interdisciplinary nature of feminist scholarship, as well as what and how to teach in WGS courses.
As part of the ongoing efforts by Southern Naval Command (SNC) towards environmental protection an eco-friendly Water Garbage Scooper (WGS) was launched at naval base, Kochi on 02 August 2019.
the differences between a whole genome sequenc e (WGS) ana a A-hole exome sequence (WES).