WGS-84World Geodetic System 1984 (navigation)
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As shown in Figure 5, the coordinates of n th visible satellite in the WGS-84 co-ordinate system are ([x.sup.(n)], [y.sup.(n)], [z.sup.(n)]), the user coordinates are ([x.sub.e], [y.sub.e], [z.sub.e]), and the overall error is [[delta]t.sub.u].
The longitude and latitude errors are firstly transformed from geodetic coordinate system to the ECEF (Earth Centered, Earth Fixed) coordinate system according to the WGS-84 reference ellipsoid, and then to the site-centric coordinate system which is space rectangular coordinate system and the error unit is in meters.
Coordinates based on datum WGS-84. Restingas Coordinates Rio de Janeiro Praia do Sul 23[degrees]10'S; 44[degrees]18'W Grumari 23[degrees]03'S; 43[degrees]32'W Barra de Marica 22[degrees]57'S; 42[degrees]50'W Massambaba 22[degrees]56'S; 42[degrees]12'W Grussai 21[degrees]44'S; 41[degrees]02'W Jurubatiba 22[degrees]17'S; 41[degrees]41'W Espirito Santo Neves 21[degrees]15'S; 40[degrees]58'W Marataizes 21[degrees]05'S; 40[degrees]51'W Setiba 20[degrees]35'S; 40[degrees]27'W Guriri 18[degrees]41'S; 39[degrees]45'W Linhares 19[degrees]18'S; 40[degrees]19'W Pontal do Ipiranga 19[degrees]10'S; 39[degrees]45'W Itaunas 18[degrees]24'S; 39[degrees]43'W Bahia Nova Vicosa 18[degrees]05'S; 39[degrees]33'W Prado 17[degrees]18'S; 39[degrees]13'W Trancoso 16[degrees]39'S; 39[degrees]05'W Table 2.
WGS-84 is almost identical to the North American Datum, NAD-83, used in North America.
(3) The WGS-84 Ellipsoid is a global datum which uses HAE, instead of MSL, to define elevation.
Inconsistencies with local datums led to the development of the single worldwide system called WGS-84. This is the good news.
WGS-84 is the DOD global datum and the military mapping standard for all future products.
The contracting authority is purchasing on territory of the Republic of Lithuania with foreign border sections 1:50 000 mapping WGS-84 coordinate system digital print files and Technology (models) of services.
Open Competition: Open tender 114k / 15 for the selection of a supplier to enter into an Agreement for surveying benchmarks and aeronautical obstacles in the PZ-90.02 (WGS-84) on the aerodrome site airport Tyumen (Roschino)
EM field measurements arising from environmental issues and health and safety regulations to the need to obtain a permit to use, f) PANSA training in the use, operation and maintenance of installed devices, ILS / DME, g) other work necessary for the construction and operation of a normal ILS / DME, h) the execution and provide a complete as-built documentation including: - As-built documentation containing such geodesic as-built inventory of geographical coordinates and applying the suspension height of antennas in WGS-84, - Technical documentation - physical and operating and maintenance of installed devices in Polish and English (if it is the language of the original).